Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Now Look Here

Is it any wonder that TV's best ensemble cast also throws the best Christmas party?

The cast of "Scrubs" added some new dialogue to the classic "Charlie Brown Christmas" for a holiday party they threw a few seasons ago... If you are at all familiar with the show, this ten-minute reel is just as brilliant and inspired as you might imagine. If you're not familiar with the show, this could very well serve as a fine introduction to one of the funniest shows -- Nay -- the funniest show on TV today.

Either way, it's a fair guess that you'll probably never see Scrubs' "My Charlie Brown Christmas" on TV -- or on DVD for that matter -- so have a look here. And if you decide you want a copy for yourself, download it here.

If you don't have RealPlayer, get it here so you can stream our videos and music... It's free.

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